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Emergency Ambulance Seen Evacuating Harry And Meghan’s Home! Escorted By Police Cars, Royal Watchers Are Now Praying For A Miracle For Baby Sussex

May 02, 2019

Please, pray for Meghan Markle and Baby Sussex!

It’s a highly anticipated time for royal watchers who are not-so-patiently waiting for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to announce Baby Sussex’ arrival. And with their pregnancy a “private matter,” fans are left to their own assumptions.

That’s why right now, on May 2nd, 2019, every little detail is leading fans to believe something major about Meghan’s pregnancy. After rumors of a home-birth at their new residence at Frogmore Cottage, fans began waiting for signs of delivery. It didn’t take long for ambulances to be seen outside of Frogmore.

The ambulances remained outside for more than two weeks, still with no word of the Duchesses’ and Baby Sussex’ delivery. Media began suggesting that Baby Sussex had already been born and that the ambulances were simply a precaution. But on May 2nd, everything changed.

A fan-operated Instagram account, “harry_megan_daily,” posted a picture of the Duke and Duchess with #BreakingNews and the caption, “It has been reported that a private ambulance with police escorts has been seen leaving Windsor!”

The caption went on to confirm that arrival of Baby Sussex was still not confirmed, however, the user states, "No word on if the Duchess of Sussex is in that hospital ambulance, however, we would definitely get news from Buckingham Palace.”

While this is exciting, it’s also somewhat worrisome has Meghan had allegedly planned a home-birth. Knowing that an ambulance arrived and departed is someone disheartening if Meghan did, in fact, want a home birth. Now, we can only pray for my miracle.

Fans began commenting their prayers and their excitement! Baby Sussex has been the topic of every major conversation in the last few months and we pray that Meghan and Baby Sussex are healthy. We can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Sussex!

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