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Beloved Star Makes Stunning Announcement Leaving Fans Devastated; Fans Praying For A Miracle

August 30, 2018

After nine seasons on Showtime’s popular television series, Shameless, the star of the show, Emmy Rossum, has made a heartbreaking announcement to fans.

Emmy Rossum, famous for her role as Fiona Gallagher, has officially announced that she is leaving Shameless.

Shameless is show detailing the lives of six children trying to navigate life without a dependent father. Emmy’s character, Fiona, is the one who leads the family and helps navigate life with an absent father. Since the show’s introduction in 2011, Emmy has been the true star.

So when she made the announcement that she wouldn’t be continuing on the show, fans were beside themselves.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Emmy revealed that she be stepping away. She wrote: “It’s a hard thing to put into words, feelings. But I’m going to try….This business is always an adventure, full of travel and opportunities to tell stories. Usually as an actor, every few months, you travel to a new place, start a new project, build a new character, learn new rhythms, new inside jokes with your crew, make new friends.”


She added: “Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become truly good at something. To become world class. Well by my calculation, 100 episodes, 7 days per episode (plus Chicago weeks), 12 hour days, we're just at about 10,000 hours. So I guess we're finally good at this. I can say for certain that this cast and crew, who I've have truly honored to work alongside, are world class. I am proud and I’m filled with gratitude.”

Fans weren’t entirely sure where Emmy was leading them with her post, but she eventually revealed the sad truth. She added: “I know you will continue on without me, for now. There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block.”

Fans were heartbroken and immediately took to social media to express their sadness. One fan wrote: “I doubt Shameless will make it to season 10 without her. She kept it all together, she’s the family glue.”

Without no real explanation of why Emmy decided to leave, fans believe it has to do with unequal pay. In 2016, Emmy refused to continue with the eighth season of Shameless unless she was back paid for the first seven years of the show. It was discovered that she was making significantly less than her male co-star, William H. Macy.

After seemingly coming to terms with a rate, Emmy announced that she was excited for the eighth season of Shameless- and all that would follow. However, only one season later, she’s announced her dismissal.

Fans are saying the show won’t last. One fan even suggest that they should end the series with Emmy’s personal dismissal writing: “If they’re going to lose a fundamental character like Fiona they really should just end the show altogether.(not that Iwant to see it end- I don’t) it’s only a matter of time before they’ll start to drop off one by one. I hope it’s not one of those shows that get beaten into the ground until everyone hates it. End it properly and proudly.” Do you agree?

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