Entire Dog Family Was Trapped In A Crumbling House, But Rescuers Wouldn't Stop Until They Were All Safe

June 23, 2017

Animal rescuers have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Every day they get to help animals in need by saving them from hopeless situations. Sometimes a rescue ends with the animal in question being reunited with their family, and other times it ends in the animal being introduced to a brand new loving family.

Whatever the case, animal rescuers play a crucial role in the happiness of animals and the animals they save are not quick to forget the heroes that saved their lives. A lasting bond is formed and an attitude of gratitude seems to be engrained in the minds of the animals. The animal family in this story owes their very lives to the rescuers who came to save the day!


One day, in St. Louis, MO, rescuers were called to an abandoned house. The house was literally falling apart and no one had entered it for quite some time. People, however, had heard dog barking coming from inside the building and knew they had to help the dog trapped inside.

Once rescuers with "Stray Rescue of St. Louis" arrived, they set to work on entering the house safely. Once they were inside they listened for the sound of a dog so that they could figure out where it was hiding. Once they heard the dog bark they headed upstairs toward the noise.


The house was in shambles and the rescuers had to be extremely careful about where they stepped. One wrong move and one of them could have fallen through the floor. Then the rescuers would have needed someone to rescue them.

Once they got to about the middle of the stairs, one of the members froze. The rescuer strained his ear and listened very intently. Then, all of a sudden, all of the rescuers heard what the man had been listening for.

They could hear barks coming from upstairs and downstairs. They all realized that there were multiple dogs inside the house. The situation had become much more serious. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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