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Essex Hairstylist Martyn Holmes Reveals The Most Unorthodox Ways For Getting Your Hair To Its Healthiest State Ever

January 25, 2018

Taking care of your hair can often be quite a task. There are so many different hair types, textures, and lengths that there never seems to be a “one size fits all” way to solve all the hair woes. While there are plenty of masks, treatments, and products on the market for your hair, there are a few rather unorthodox ways to get your hair in tip-top shape.

Martyn Holmes is an incredible hairdresser and a judge for 5STAR’s new hit series "Extreme Hair Wars." Throughout the years, he has discovered some incredible things along the way. Many of these methods can be done with simple items found in your home. Check out his brilliant suggestions, below!

If you are interested in making your hair grow longer and stronger, Martyn recommends onions. Once a week, massage the juice of an onion on your scalp. Leave this on for ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

To keep your hair shiny, he recommends rinsing your hair with rainwater. Water that comes through your faucet can contain chemicals. Rainwater has none, which helps thoroughly clean your hair and ensures that no shampoo residue will be left behind. If you want an extra shine booster, mix some apple cider in with the rainwater.

If you find yourself struggling with dandruff, stop by your medicine cabinet. If you apply some aspirin mixed with shampoo, it will help reduce the occurrence of dry skin on your scalp and will act as an exfoliant. Crush three aspirins and mix with two teaspoons of shampoo and it will help nip that issue in the bud!

If you struggle with limp hair, whisk an egg or two together and rub onto your hair. Leave for around six minutes and rinse with cool water. The proteins in the egg will help strengthen the hair, making it more stable and full.

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