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After Brand New Image Surfaces, Fans Are Absolutely Convinced That This Royal Is Secretly Pregnant

May 29, 2019

If there’s anything royal fans love, it’s thrilling and long-awaited news about their favorite family members. Thankfully, these days, the royals have not had a shortage of good news. From weddings to event celebrations to the birth of new babies, it seems as though there has been a lot of happy commotion going on around the palace.


It appears as though the wild chaos and excitement surrounding the birth of Harry and Meghan’s little baby, Archie Harrison, has finally started to wind down. It was an occasion that was highly anticipated, so it sure is understandable that people of the internet were borderline obsessed with any information concerning the infant royal.


While Harry has been getting back into his work routine, Meghan has been enjoying her extended maternity leave with some one-on-one time with her newborn. All of her fans miss her dearly and can’t wait until the day she’s back in action but they’re happy to see she’s embracing motherhood in such a real, positive way.

The other royal mother, Kate Middleton, has definitely been keeping busy. She’s curated her own garden, continued to maintain her rigorous working schedule, attend all the royal events, and juggle life as a mother of three.


In a shocking turn of events, some news outlets have been highly speculating yet another royal baby is well on the way and are already anxious for the official announcement! Sources claim that the new bride, Princess Eugenie of York, and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are expecting a child.


All of the speculations began to surface shortly after images of the Princess were captured. She was seen wearing a flowing black floral dress. While their eagle-eyed reasoning might be a bit premature, some think they could be on to something.

Their first clue was that this particular dress was a bit more flowing and looser fitting than what she’s typically seen wearing. She’s known for selecting items that cinch in her tiny waist and give her a feminine, hourglass figure.


Their second clue is the print of the dress itself. Something that is typical for a royal to do when expecting is to mix up their appearance a bit in order to create distractions from her growing bump until she’s prepared to make the news publicly known.


The third reason behind the growing gossip is that she was seen clutching a bouquet of flowers and holding them in near her waist. While this could all be happenstance, it is yet another distraction technique often used.


The internet is quite divided with this new information, though. While half are thrilled that there is a possibility of a new baby on the horizon, others are mortified that anyone would ever try to assume such a thing about a woman.

In my opinion, I think that those starting this potential rumor really have good intentions and are just going off of the experiences and clues they’ve seen in the past to make this guess. Either way, Princess Eugenie looks as stunning and as radiant as ever before. We’ll be just as excited for her now as any time to become a mother!


What do you think? Do you think the assumptions are enough for it to be true?

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