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3-YO Boy Brutally Murdered By His Mother’s Boyfriend; After Torturing The Innocent Toddler And Taking His Life, The Lethal Boyfriend Learns Official Sentence

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October 25, 2018

In August 2017, the tragic reality of missing 3-year-old, Evan Brewer, was finally discovered; just a small toddler, Evan was found covered in concrete in his mother’s home. His body so badly decomposed that it was impossible to understand just how he suffered.


According to PEOPLE, Evan’s mother, Miranda Miller, and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine, were evicted from their Wichita, Kansas apartment when the landlord came through to do a learning. It was during the cleaning that little Evan was discovered.


Wichita Police Department official, Lt. Jeff Gilmore, confirmed that while cleaning, the landlord “found the structure, which was emitting a strong odor inside the home.” After investigators removed the structure, little Evan’s remains were discovered inside.


According to Wichita police, Evan’s father, Carlo Brewer, had been concerned for several months about his son, who was in Miller’s custody. Just weeks before Evan’s disappearance, Carlo contacted the Kansas Department for Children and Families about his son’s welfare while living with his mother and her boyfriend.


Now, more than a year later, Evan’s mom and her boyfriend are facing charges for Evan’s death. During the six-day trial, PEOPLE confirmed that “prosecutors presented a plethora of evidence and heinous details describing the abuse little Evan endured leading up to his untimely death on May 19, 2017.”

During the trial, Stephen Bodine’s own 23-year-old daughter testified against him in hopes of putting her murderous father behind bars. Bodine’s daughter, Samantha, confessed that her father used to “drown her in the bathtub when she was younger and then perform CPR on her.”


Following Samantha’s testimony, Evan’s mother, Michelle, also testified against her boyfriend by revealing that just days before little Evan’s death, “Bodine allegedly made him swallow large amounts of salt. He later collapsed after standing against a wall for hours.” The mother added that her boyfriend then “slapped her son before forcing him into a bathroom.” When he finally emerged from the bathroom, the toddler “was limp and Bodine forced her to perform CPR on him but they never called 911.”


Shocked by the horror of Bodine’s torture, it didn’t take the jury long to convict Bodine for what he had done to little Evan. Stephen Bodine was convicted of first-degree murder and also found guilty of child abuse, aggravated child endangerment and two counts of kidnapping. PEOPLE reports that Bodine will be sentenced in December 2018.


Evan’s father made a heartbreaking statement following Bodine’s conviction to which he said, “Evan was a beautiful boy. He was just like any other child you know except he didn’t get to have the imagination like the other children where they might think there are monsters in their closet or under their bed… he had real monsters.”


Do you think Bodine is getting the conviction that he deserves? Many believe that he should receive a more intense punishment. Please pray for Evan’s remaining family as they process and navigate this tragedy.

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