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Even After A Life-Altering Accident, Kyle Wants To Spread Love And Appreciation Through ‘The Gift Of Giving’

November 08, 2017

There are people on this earth who, inadvertently, restore our faith in humanity. Kyle Brodeur is one such individual who is showing people what it looks like to truly live your life for others, even in the face of tragic circumstances. Kyle is, by far, one of the most joyful human beings on this planet despite the fact that he is confined to a wheelchair.

Kyle was involved in a traumatic car accident with an "impaired driver." Kyle escaped the accident with his life, but was left physically and mentally disabled. The incident is described in full by Kyle's mother in her book "A Mother's Journey Through Faith, Hope, And Courage." Kyle was left paralyzed and had to learn how to function - confined to a specialized wheelchair - for the rest of his life. Despite his injuries and setbacks, however, Kyle has never lost his sense of joy and love for life.

Kyle and his mother are on a mission to raise awareness about drunk-driving, and the impact of the decisions people make every day. Kyle also loves blessing people around him in any way that he can, which inspires everyone he meets. Every single year, Kyle and his mom try to outdo themselves when it comes to giving. They go around to different local charities and businesses to donate money, time, and supplies. They call it "The Gift Of Giving."

Even though he is physically impaired, Kyle insists on being as hands-on as possible when it comes to the giving process. This includes helping to make banana bread and other baked goods to give to his neighbors. Kyle also returns countless glass bottles in exchange for money with which he can buy supplies for his first local charity - Retired Horse and Rescued Cat Farm. Kyle and his mother donate two truckloads of hay for the animals, as well as some high-quality grain. The smiles on the farmers' faces are matched only by the smile on Kyle's face!

After spending time with the animals on the farm, Kyle and his mom move on to their next stop. Kyle goes to the store and purchases food for the local Dog and Cat Shelter. Kyle then donates a sum of cash to The Center Of Hope, which is a program he attends daily. Kyle then purchases over 100 pounds of food for the local food pantry. Kyle then donates more money to the Homeless Vet Center, where he receives a special sponsor coin for his selfless actions.

Kyle finishes his day by donating dozens of toys to the Toys For Tots Foundation. Local Marines pioneered this foundation in every state, and Kyle is all-too-happy to meet them and take pictures with them. Kyle goes home that night with his heart full because he has been able to help so many people. In his wake, Kyle leaves a long list of people that sit in complete awe of who this young man is. Kyle shows us all that it does not matter how dark the night is in our lives; we can always be the dawn in someone else's life. Kyle shows us all how powerful gratitude and giving truly are!

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