Ever Been Annoyed By Those Pesky Strings On Bananas? As It Turns Out, They Actually Have A Pretty Interesting Purpose

August 11, 2017

If you’ve ever sat down to consume a delicious dose of potassium, the first item you grab is a banana. Their mild flavorings enables them to be used in a multitude of foods both savory and sweet. They’re a fantastic pick-me-up during your midday slump or just a satisfying topping to add into your morning smoothie. No matter how you spin it, there’s a simple and delicious way to consume them.


When you peel the banana, you’ve likely noticed the long, stringy attachments around the body. Personally, I remove them as quickly as possible because I want nothing to do with them (I feel like other banana consumers can relate to me here!). Other people, though, don’t seem to even take notice of the somewhat pesky clinging strings.


After doing a little research, I learned that this part of the banana actually plays a pretty vital role in the growth and development of a banana. They have a rather interesting name: phloem bundles. These bundles have a specific task to deliver adequate nutrients throughout a banana’s entirety, much like how an umbilical cord functions for babies in the womb. Check out the fascinating video below to learn more about the uses of the phloem bundles. After seeing it, are you on the “I’m okay with them” side of the fence or on the “get them away as soon as possible”?

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