Exhausted Mother Dog Rejoices After Giving Birth To Her Babies. What The Father Does Next Absolutely MELTS Our Hearts [VIDEO]


Giving birth is no simple feat.

For humans and for animals, it's an incredibly strenuous process to carry a child (or children) for an extended period of time and then go through the process of labor.

Moms of all shapes, sizes, colors and kinds are true heroes!


It's so precious to see how proud a mother is after she lays eyes upon her young for the very first time. It's affirmation that every pain and struggle was completely worth it.

Going through labor is strenuous and mothers need rest afterwards.

This mother dog just had a litter of puppies. Aren't they precious?! She's so very proud of her little newborns but is equally exhausted.


The father of her puppies is equally as proud of his new kiddos! During the entire birth, he never once left her side.

Who says animals can't experience true love?


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