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Expert Weighs In On Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Relationship, Putting Rumors To Rest Once And For All

August 03, 2018

There is no other family as fascinating as the British royal family. They have a way of simply mesmerizing us in every way possible, continually keeping us on our toes and begging for more!


With each appearance they make, they all hold themselves with such poise and grace, embodying exactly what it means to be a royal in the first place. They are, after all, continually representing the Crown and ensuring it’s preservation and upholding the respect it has earned is an absolute must.

Sometimes, living such a life can be easier said than done. While some of the family members continue to excel in this department, others seem to slip up more often. Some of the “repeat offenders” are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Their slip-ups are never anything serious, and actually, warm the hearts of all those watching because we love nothing more than to see some of our beloved stars deeply adore one another as they do. The Queen doesn’t always see it that way, though, and has had to step in from time to time to ensure they’re kept in their place.

One couple that has been nothing short of spectacular in poise and behavior is Prince William and Kate Middleton. They have always respectfully clung to the protocols set in place, especially when it comes to showing PDA.

This has brought attention to both couples, causing many to wonder if Will and Kate share as strong of a love and bond as Meghan and Harry.

While we never will know everything that goes on behind closed doors, their behaviors have caught the attention of many royal fans. Body language expert Blanca Cobb weighed in on the matter, putting all questions to rest.

“They may be more reserved [than other couples] in their public displays of affection...This isn’t a typical couple; they’re people of royalty with rules to follow on public decorum. I think what happens behind closed doors can be very different from what you see in public.”

She went on to talk about their movements around one another: "Couples who synchronize their movements are emotionally in sync...this shows they are in tune with each other." She continued, "Body mirroring is another sign you're really digging your partner." This is something they're seen doing quite often.

She finished off by saying, "Couples who love each other want to touch each other since it can convey your love without having to say a word."


After careful examination, one can easily notice just how the Cambridges adoringly look at one another. Even when sitting or standing together, their body language, while quite subtle, showcases their solid trust and love that they share. It’s as if they haven’t a need for words or touch to express their love to one another, which is even more romantic!


Their love and adoration for one another are undeniable, setting up a beautiful example of what true love looks like. We continue to admire them more and more with each passing day!

Now that we’ve talked about their precious love so much, it’s only natural to watch a clip of their beautiful wedding and relive this glorious day.