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Experts Expose Dirty Details Of Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles’ Relationship And The Evidence Will Make Your Stomach Churn

April 06, 2018

The British royal family has a way consistently flooding every news outlet worldwide. Their way of life is unlike any other, causing many to stare in utter amazement. Some family members, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, always grace the headlines in a positive light. Whatever they happen to do, people praise their every action.

Other members, unfortunately, have the reverse effect. Two of those notoriously seen in a negative light are Prince Charles and his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles. In a recent biography called Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion, And Defiance Of Prince Charles, the world was enlightened on even more information on the heir to the throne.

In a descriptive excerpt from the book, it summarizes: “The papered, petulant, self-pitying Prince. A devastating book by Britain’s top investigative author delves inside the bizarre, ultra luxury world of Prince Charles. Despite his hard work and genuine concern for the disadvantaged, he has struggled to overcome his popularity. Many still fear that his accession to the throne will cause a constitutional crisis. The result is a book which uniquely will probe into the character and court of the Charles that no one, until now, has seen.”

Not only has Charles’ character fallen by the wayside in the eye of the public, but his second marriage has been less than admirable. Many question the motives of the Duchess, continually noting her lack of interest in her position, and believe that their marriage is anything but rosy.

Experts recently weighed in specifically on the topic of their relationship and the evidence is quite incriminating. At a recent appearance at the Commonwealth Games, Charles and Camilla’s body language instantly flew under scrutiny.

Body language expert, Judi James, details their behavior as a “growing difference with this Royal double act and felt the future King and Queen looked anxious, reluctant, and lacking in bounce.”

She also stated, “Unlike the current Royals and the younger royals, they tend to have the effect of making you worried rather than happier. Their walk into the stadium involved some sides-of-the-mouth talking to one another that suggested low levels of confidence. This muttering to one another tends to create a disconnect from an audience, and it could be fair to say that the pair isn’t going to be hot on breaking down barriers between royals and the rest of us.”

She continued by saying, “Both Camilla and Charles also fell into more anxious-looking facial expressions between the smiling. Charles’s steepled browns and Camilla’s turned-down mouth made them less comfortable viewing that the smile-making performances of the current Queen and the Harry and Meghan generation although Camilla saved her most dazzling smile for Charles when he turned to speak to her.”

After reading the body language expert’s words, it’s quite difficult to argue with her. The lack of interest for the public, the failure to connect with their people, and their harsh demeanors cause many to question their readiness to take over the throne once Queen Elizabeth passes. As of now, though, doubt and worry fill the public. Hopefully, the two will be able to turn around this negative situation before it’s too late.


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