Experts Say That If You’re Able To Find Your Name In This Word Search, You Have A Highly-Functioning Brain

November 17, 2017

Sometimes, scouring the internet feels like an endless pit of celebrity stories and news. I always love coming across something eye-catching like a brain teaser. When I stumbled upon this one, I was surely stumped!

This puzzle is believed to determine your intelligence level. With getting older, I desperately want to do what I can to keep my brain sharp. So, after finding this brain teaser puzzle, I took a stab at it.

The puzzle is designed like a word search. The experts claim that if you can find your name in it, you have a highly-functioning brain. Finding your name in the puzzle, below, means that you have intellectual ability higher than that of the average person, specifically when it comes to problem-solving. This puzzle might get you pretty riled up, but go ahead and give it a try! You should be searching for your name:

Any luck? If you found yourself getting frustrated, don’t worry, less than 5% of people were able to do this in a matter of seconds. Let’s go back to the original goal: find “your name.” Now, try again!

Any luck this time? By now, you’ve probably searched from left to right, diagonally, and upside down for your name. Are you ready for a clue? You should be looking for, literally, “Your Name.” That’s right: Y O U R N A M E. Do you see it?!

In this particular puzzle, the only discernible name is “Your Name.” However, there are a couple real words. Can you find them? While these puzzles can be pretty tricky, they’re believed to sharpen your cognitive thinking skills - which is something that I really want to keep sharp, especially the older I get. Taking time to let your eyes search for something intentionally is so uncommon these days. So much of the time, our senses are overloaded, so puzzles like these really help when it comes to slowing down, being intentional, and processing. Check out the answers, below, to see if you were able to crack this brain-bender!

So, are you one of the 5% who are able to spot your name? Or even better, are you one of the .5% who found your name and all six other mystery words?

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