Extremely Contagious Illness Is Spreading Rapidly Among Dogs. Here’s What You Can Do To Protect Your Pooch

June 07, 2017

Our pets are an incredibly vital part of our lives we feel as though they're a member of our family. When a family member gets sick, we want nothing more than to help them combat their illness and quickly hop on the road to recovery. When our furry family members fall ill, it's devastating.

Recently, a large strain of the flu virus has been spreading among canines, affecting hundreds of dogs nationwide. This strain is highly contagious. According to health officials, at least twelve dogs in the state of Florida were infected after attending two separate dog shows where they were exposed to infected animals.


This strain of canine influenza isn't typically fatal and isn't contagious to humans but it can spread rather rapidly among dogs, causing severely debilitating complications. There have been reports that several dogs have died because of this illness.

According to Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Center, it has been documented to have affected dogs in the following states so far: New Jersey, Alabama, California, Texas, New York, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia, and Florida. 


A spokesperson for AVMA stated, "We don't want people to panic because, from what we know, it's usually mild, although it can progress and can lead to other infections and be serious. We want to catch these things as early as possible."

We all want to ensure that our pets are at optimal health at all times. Sometimes, though, these illnesses can sneak up on us before we know it. If we know the signs ahead of time, though, we can be more alert and prepared. Check out the information on the following page to learn what symptoms to look for.


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