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Extremely Frightened Siberian Husky Pup Was Seconds Away From Euthanasia Because He Was ‘Different’ From The Others. Just In The Nick Of Time, A Courageous Hero Stepped In

February 12, 2018

Animals, by nature, are innocent, loving creatures who delight in making life as happy as possible for everyone around them. Knowing this, it’s quite difficult to believe stories we read on the internet concerning inhumane animal treatment.

Stories like this that are concerning dogs are incredibly heart wrenching. Thankfully, despite all the evil in the world, there are good samaritans who come along and completely restore our faith in humanity with one selfless act.

Casper is a sweet little dog who was forcibly knocking on death’s door. He was born quite different from the rest of his litter. He had a condition known as Swimmer’s Syndrome. This is a developmental deformity in newborn dogs and cats where the limbs are splayed laterally. This results in an animal’s inability to walk or stand.

This heartbreaking diagnosis isn’t fatal, but some see animals with this condition as useless. His breeder didn’t know what to do with him and the little puppy was scheduled for euthanasia. A woman named Gina caught wind of the story and knew she couldn’t let the little guy face this dreadful fate.

She rescued Casper and immediately took him to the veterinarian to get him checked out. The vet, however, had a grim diagnosis. He said that Casper’s pulse was very faint and his heart was weak. It didn’t look good for the sweet rescue pup. Gina knew that no matter the outcome, she was willing to do everything she could to give Casper a happy and comfortable life, however long that would be.

She took Casper home and began Acuscope treatment on him. She made him a comfortable bed beside her and she stayed with him through the night. She feared that when she awoke, she would be faced with heartache.

Much to her great surprise, Casper was more alert than he had ever been. In that moment, she knew he was going to be okay. They continued treatment for him and he progressed with each passing day. His determination for life was awe-inspiring. He fought hard to be like a normal dog, and his efforts paid off.

Ten weeks later, Casper was just like a regular dog. He could walk, run, and jump just like all the other dogs! This is proof that enough love and determination can help you overcome even the grimmest situations.

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