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Extremely Rare Dog Breed Is Going Extinct. Unless Someone Steps In To Save Them, It Won’t Be Long Until These Magnificent Dogs Are Completely Gone

February 27, 2018

No one can accurately know how many dog breeds there truly are in the world, but we do know that there are over 340 different breeds. In the United States, half of all dogs registered belong to just ten different breeds - including the Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Boxer, and Beagle. Considering that the AKC recognizes 202 breeds, that means that other half of all dogs registered is divided up among 192 breeds.

One of the rarest breeds in the world is the Kishu Ken. Kishu Kens are a Japanese breed and are even considered a Living National Monument in their home country. These spectacular dogs were bred to hunt boar and deer, but their faithful and energetic nature make them great obedience dogs, and with their endurance, they would surely excel in agility. Of course, one thing their owners must be mindful of is that because of their hunting origins they definitely have a prey drive!

Not only are they smart, faithful and energetic they also happen to be completely adorable. Shiba Inu, one of their relatives, have stolen the hearts of people all around while these handsome pups have failed to gain the recognition they so deserve. They come in three gorgeous colors: red, sesame, and the most common color of all, white, so there’s sure to be a color for everyone!

One of the problems that Kishu Ken are facing today is the lack of recognition. These dogs are so rare that hardly anyone has even heard of them, but the fewer people that hear of them, the rarer they become. It’s truly a horrible situation and something that can’t be fixed without more awareness by people all around the world.

You may be wondering how rare can the Kishu Ken possibly be? In 2011, it was reported that the year’s registration of Kishu Kens was between 700-900. In 2017, only 372 were registered with their breed club. Their number is on the decline, and it’s clear that without help it won’t be long before we are left without them anywhere but in our history books.

Without the help of people just like you, it won’t be long before this breed is gone forever. What the breed needs now is people to talk about them, tell their family and friends about this magnificent breed and help get their name out there. The more people who are aware of this wonderful breed, the better things look for this magnificent dog’s future.