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Family Cat Finds Baby Bunny In Back Yard, When She Brought It Inside People Were Shocked At What Happened Next

August 15, 2017

If you have ever been a cat owner, you have probably noticed how much love and attention your feline friend requires. It seems like they need your affection more than they need food or water at times. The amazing thing about cats, however, is that they are willing, most of the time, to lavish the love they receive back on their human companions, a thousand times over. The love that cats show, however, is not limited to humans or even to other felines as the family cat in this story proves in a rather beautiful way.

One afternoon, a family cat named Snugglepuss, was out in the back yard stretching her legs. Snugglepuss had just given birth to a litter of kittens and left them inside to take a nap while she stepped out for some fresh air. Snugglepuss was just about to go back inside when she saw something moving in the grass. She went to investigate and saw that it was a baby bunny. The bunny's mother had passed away, leaving the one-week old baby to fend for himself. Snugglepuss was not about to let the bunny go through life alone so she picked him up and took him inside with her.

Snugglepuss put the baby bunny, who was later named Bubbles, into the bed with her kittens. Sungglepuss cared for and loved Bubbles like he was one of her own kittens. The family was blown away by Snugglepuss' motherly instinct, even when it came to an entirely different sort of baby. Snugglepuss had gained another child to love and Bubbles had gained a family that he could thrive in for the rest of his life! Watch the video below to see the adorable family fun.

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