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Family Couldn't Figure Out Why Their Puppy Was So Sick. When Doctor's Discovered What He ATE They Were SHOCKED! [VIDEO]

April 18, 2017

When a family of four brought their puppy, Thanos, into Cy-Fair Animal hospital they were concerned to say the least. 

Considering Thanos to be a member of the family, they wanted to do everything they could to make sure Thanos was ok!

The puppy had been acting strangely and eventually had lost his appetite and was beginning to vomit. 

The veterinarians informed the family that it could be an intestinal virus or the puppy could have eaten something that he shouldn't have; either case could be life threatening. 

After taking Thanos back for x-rays, the doctors discovered a "foreign body" lodged in the puppy's intestine. 

The doctors had to work quickly in order to remove the object and took the puppy in for surgery!

Luckily the object soon passed through the intestine without causing damage and the doctors were able to remove it with relative ease! 

When they finally removed the object the doctors realized that Thanos had eaten a SOCK! 

No wonder he wasn't feeling well! 

After they removed the sock, Thanos made a speedy recovery and was soon reunited with his family! 

Needless to say this adorable pup and his family are glad to have the sock incident behind them! 

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