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Family Dog Discovers Sleeping Baby On Couch, What He Does Next Melted Millions Of Hearts

August 14, 2017

It is no secret that dogs are some of the most loving animals in the entire world. Dogs seem to know exactly how to make us feel better no matter what the circumstances are. Dogs have a unique ability to read a room and know an environment. They also are able to learn and pick up on the habits of their owners. This was most certainly the case with a family dog when he showed love to the family's new baby in the sweetest way possible.

One afternoon, a family dog was making his way through the house, making sure everything was safe and secure. The dog noticed that everything seemed much more quiet than usual. That was due to the fact that the family had just put the new baby down for a nap in the living room. The dog went to the living room to check on the newest addition to the family and saw, to his displeasure, that the little baby was not covered up properly.

The dog immediately went over and investigated the sleeping area. He saw that there was indeed a blanket on the couch so he grabbed the blanket and draped it over the sleeping baby. The dog was so thorough that he even made sure to tuck the blanket under the baby's belly to make sure he didn't uncover himself again. The dog had fulfilled his duty and made his way to the other room, undoubtedly, to take a nap of his own. Watch the video below to see the adorable act of love.

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