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Family Dog Anxiously Awaits Surprise Package. When He Learns What's Inside, He Can't Contain Himself

March 06, 2018

Dogs are always so silly! They can have the best time with the most unlikely of knick-knacks and objects. Sometimes, it seems like the things that make dogs the happiest are the things that are the most simple.

Harper is the perfect example of the puppy in the love with the simple things in life! After ordering some goodies online, Harper's owner was excited to spoil Harper with some new toys he’d gotten him. Although, he didn't quite expect this. 

Inside the great big box were doggy balls, squeaky toys, and one comfortable doggy bed. Harper’s owner thought that he’d be excited about the toys the most, but what got him going wild was his dog bed!

Harper had never had his own dog bed. Instead, he slept on the floor, the couch, or on the end of the bed with his owner. When he saw that he was being given his very own dog bed, he was over-the-moon excited!

Harper sniffed and patted the bed with his paw, trying to get an idea of how it moved and how felt. Before he knew it, it was sniffing it with such energy that he flipped it over! He was so overjoyed to have been given his own special doggy bed!

His owner thought it was hilarious that Harper was more excited about his bed than his toys. He didn’t want anything to do with his toys- he didn’t even know they were there! His owner actually had to call him over several times before he even noticed he had new toys. He was just so excited about his bed!

Check out the video below to see Harper’s joy! His reaction to his bed is reminding us all to appreciate the simple things.


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