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Family Home Is Broken Into. When The Police Check The Security Camera To Get A Look At The Intruder, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

March 06, 2018

Katie Hawley of Vail, Colorado, and her family had gone out to church on a beautiful Sunday morning, not realizing that when they returned home, their lives would be changed. While they were gone, their home was broken into and trashed. Glass was broken and things all around the house were destroyed. The worst destruction was in the kitchen, where things had been gone through and destroyed.

When she returned home and saw all of the destruction, she was horrified. They immediately called the police and waited for them the arrive, worried that the intruder may still be in the home. After the police cleared the house, they mentioned that they thought the intruder might have been an animal. Vail is known for its wildlife as it is nestled at the base of a mountain and surrounded by forests. It’s not unusual for the animals to interact with people in rather unexpected ways.

They decided to review the security footage to find out what had truly happened, and what they saw confirmed their suspicions. The intruder had been a large black bear! She’d probably come inside after smelling all of the delicious food in the home, and had been hoping to find a good meal! She’d wandered around, inspecting the house and had even played the piano a little bit before wandering out and back on with her life, leaving nothing behind but the damage and a wonderful video.