Family Is Causally Lounging In The Pool When An Unexpected Visitor Shows Up. What The Visitor Does Next Leaves Them Utterly Speechless

August 29, 2017

There are few things in life as delightful as a nice dip in a swimming pool on a blazing hot summer day. The water is crisp and clear, keeping you cool despite the sun beaming down upon you. If you’re lucky enough to have frequent access to a pool, it’s a guarantee that the majority of your summer days are spent outdoors, casually lounging in the water. It seems as though humans aren’t the only ones who love refreshing pools in the hot weather months.


Animals of all sizes love spending time splashing and swimming about in the water to cool themselves off. Elephants are notorious for hanging out anywhere near a watering hole. They are excellent swimmers and often barrel off into any water they see. Sometimes their love for water lands them in places they never thought possible. In the video below, a family is spending time hanging out in a swimming pool. 


A rustling in the brush nearby captures their attention. When they turn to see the cause of the noise, they are utterly astounded. Standing at the opposite end of the pool is a ginormous elephant! The people don’t seem to intimidate the elephant at all. She casually walks to the edge, drops her trunk down into the cool water, and takes a big, long sip. Needless to say, this family has a fantastic vacation story from this unexpected occurrence!

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