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Couple On Cruise Horrified To Discover Secret Spy Camera Hidden In Stateroom - Pointing Directly At Bed. But That’s Not The Worst Of It…

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October 30, 2018

When Chris White and his family were enjoying their second day aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship, traveling from Alabama to Mexico, Chris had to return to their stateroom due to an allergy attack. While sanitizing the room from all dust in the hopes of reducing any allergens, he made a shocking discovery.

Quite by accident, he uncovered a gross invasion of his family’s privacy and immediately went to ship personnel to report it. According to White, the response from the company was an even worse violation, and now he is speaking out to warn other passengers of the danger they may be exposed to - and maybe never know about it!


In the course of the meticulous cleaning of his room, Chris had to move the television set to get to accumulated dust that was hidden behind it, and that was where he saw it. There, covered with dust, and still warm from use, was a concealed spy camera and transmitter!

A million thoughts ran through his mind, not the least of which was that the device was pointed directly at the bed he and his wife had shared the night before.

Then he began thinking about his minor son, who most likely had been within range of the surveillance camera. “My main concern is there is video of him online now. And I’ll never know,” he told The Miami Herald


But it was the cruise ship’s response to the incident that has White furious. He admits the company did send an officer to dismantle and remove the camera, but the way it was done did not preserve any possible evidence that could have been obtained.

In addition, White claims the. Officers downplayed the incident and suggested that it was probably the previous occupants who installed it then, subsequently, forgot to take it with them when they left the ship.


In a statement released by Carnival, officials claim that a full investigation was conducted. “In October, a small, non-working camera was found in a cabin aboard Carnival Fantasy during a cruise departing from Mobile, Ala. After review by the ship’s technicians, it was determined that device was not operational.

“A full investigation was conducted by the shipboard team in tandem with Carnival’s shoreside security personnel who also notified U.S. law enforcement, including the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and local police, when the ship arrived in Mobile following the cruise.”


White disputes the Cruise Lines’ account of what was done, saying that when he contacted the F.B.I. after the fact, they had not been informed of the incident.

Now, convinced that the company is covering up the potential danger to the public at large, White says he has no choice but to contact the media to get the story out. He denies that he and his family are looking for a big payday.


“We weren’t trying to get anything out of it. We weren’t expecting a free cruise or money,” Chris White tells Fox News “But they did not even give us an apology.” Although the Whites have been in contact with a maritime lawyer, they have not yet decided whether or not to file suit.

Now you can see the actual removal of the camera that the Whites discovered in their stateroom. Just watch the video, below.

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