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Farmer Begs His Horse Not to Die After Tragic Fall. Moments Later, A Complete Miracle Happens

January 17, 2018

Sometimes in life, you come across stories that leave a lasting impression on you for years to come. This rescue story is much like that and it's one you won't soon forget. In Poland, a horse named Freedom had fallen deep into a maintenance pit. Because of the pit's size, Freedom found herself trapped and unable to escape on her own.

On average, a horse can weigh anywhere from 840 to 2,200 pounds, depending on the type of horse. Because of the weight and size, extracting Freedom from the pit would be no quick and easy task. Her owner, Marek Slodkowski, did everything he could think of to try and save his precious mare. Sadly, as if she had already accepted her fate, Freedom didn't seem willing to put forth much effort to escape.

Firefighters soon arrived on the scene and attempted to lift her out. Ten men surrounded her, trying with all their might to extract her from the dreadful entrapment. Still, that was not enough to get poor Freedom out of this pit. The farmer began to worry even more once he saw the lack of determination his beloved mare had. As he sat in sheer heartbreak and anticipation, something miraculous began to happen.

The farmer was mentally preparing for the worst. He wasn't ready to lose his sweet horse and begged with all his might that she would fight a little harder and try to survive. Suddenly, things took a drastic turn. It seemed as though Freedom discovered a new-found determination and no longer wanted to give up on life.

The firemen resumed their positions and, with the help of a willing Freedom, progress started to be made. In no time at all, Freedom finally was successfully extracted from the horrific pit. It was an absolute miracle! It makes you wonder just what changed Freedom's mind from defeat to determination. Check out the video, below, to watch the story unfold.

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