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Farmer Blows A Whistle To Warn His Chickens. What The Chickens Do When The Whistle Rings Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

March 14, 2018

Never in my life have a seen a sight like the one in this next story. When a farmer in Guizhou Province, China attempted to gather up his chickens so they can relocate, an unbelievable sight happens in just a matter of seconds. This video footage is overwhelming in every way and truly a sight to be seen.

When this farmer called his flock with a whistle, he had hoped that they would gather up in an orderly fashion. Moving thousands of chickens is no easy task, so he was hoping that the whistle would cause enough of a disturbance amongst the flock and they would move on their own.

One thing is for sure... he caused a disturbance!

As he blew the whistle, almost instantly, hundreds of chickens flew directly at him!

The farmer recorded the footage of hundreds of birds flying towards him without even flinching an inch! The footage captured is both terrifying and insanely awesome!

Chickens aren’t really known for flying so to see them in the air is remarkable!

After several rounds of blowing the whistle, it appeared that nearly all of the chickens had gathered together for their meal. The farmer was satisfied with his whistle idea and was able to move the chickens smoothly. It was important the chickens follow their owner because if they had been left behind, it's very likely that they wouldn't have survived on their own. 

Check out the footage that the farmer captured below! This is seriously unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!  Have you ever seen anything like this?


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