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Elderly Man Rescues A Finch Frozen To A Metal Gate In The Most Incredible Way

December 13, 2017

Many people love the winter months; the fresh snowfalls cover the ground with perfect white blankets while the chillier weather permits for comfy jammies by the fire with some hot cocoa. For many others, however, the winter months bring unfair struggles.

One wintery day, when a fresh snowfall had just covered the lands ever so perfectly, a farmer wandered outside to check his stock. As he walked around his property, he smiled at the beauty. But then, something out-of-the-ordinary caught his eye.The farmer peered off into the distance where he could see something struggling. He couldn’t quite make it out, but he knew something was where it wasn’t meant to be. The man started running toward the out-of-place object.

When he got closer, his heart broke into a hundred pieces at the sight of an ever-so-small finch frozen to a metal gate. The finch tried desperately to fly away when the man stepped closer, but sadly, there was nothing he could do.

The man figured that the finch had landed just after an animal had drunk from the watering trough. He thought that some of the water had splashed up onto the gate railing just moments before the finch landed on it for a rest in his busy day of flying. Because it was so cold outside, though, the finch’s feet immediately stuck to the gate.

The man wasn’t sure how to go about saving this poor bird, but he knew he couldn’t just walk away. That’s when he performed an unthinkable rescue! The man gently cupped his hand around the finch and held him steady. Then, he moved inches away from the finch’s feet and began warming them with his breath.

After a couple minutes of softening the grip from the frozen water, the finch’s feet began to lift! He held the little bird and wiggled him, and his feel lifted more with each breath! Finally, after just a couple minutes, the bird’s feet were free!

Both the man and the finch were overjoyed! The man watched as the bird flew off into freedom. If he hadn’t been there at that exact moment, it’s highly likely that the bird would have frozen to death. We are so thankful for this divine timing!

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