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Farmer Thought His Hen Had Laid An Egg, Then He Realized What She Was Sitting On and Couldn't Believe His Eyes!

January 06, 2017

Whenever you think of a chicken, you don't normally consider it to be a warm, personal, and nurturing kind of animal. They aren't like cats and dogs who love cuddling and spending one-on-one time with you for hours on end. After a few moments in your presence, chickens could care less that you're even around (unless you have food - then they'll stick around for a bit longer!)

While chickens are pretty social with their own species, they're often pretty standoffish towards other animals and humans. Unless they're hanging around with their crew, they tend to keep to themselves and do their own thing.

They could have these standoffish tendencies because wild animals such as foxes and certain larger birds prey on them. I know if I were a bird, I'd have a hard time trusting other animals if I knew I could potentially be their lunch!

While scouring the internet, we came across a story about one hen, in particular, that seems to be a little different from the others. Unlike many of her kind, she is a little more personable and enjoys the company of other animals and humans.

She grew up around humans and learned at a very young age not to feel threatened by them. While living around other farm animals, she quickly discovered those that didn't find her as prey and made friends with a multitude of animals.

One day, as her owners were doing their routine checks of the animals, they noticed something a bit peculiar about her. She was nesting but they knew that she hadn't laid any eggs in a while. Her mannerisms proved opposite and they grew all the more curious about the situation.

When they came closer, they quickly realized that they were in fact mistaken. She was nesting, but it wasn't on eggs. They were startled at the sight! Click on the following page to see just what this mama hen was sitting on!


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