Farmers Couldn't Understand Why Their Rooster Refused To Sleep In The Coop At Night. Before Long, The Heartbreaking Reason Was Discovered

August 09, 2017

As a pet owner, your dream is that all your animals get along together and blissfully live in perfect harmony. While often that dream does pan out, there are scenarios in which things don’t always go as swimmingly. The farmers at Apricot Lane Farms know this scenario all too well. One of the animals living on the farm was a fluffy white rooster named Poodle Roo. Roosters are known to be the pets that are the fearless leaders of the pack, always walking about proudly.

Because of their nature, they always prefer to nestle down in the safety of a coop at night to shield themselves from prowling night animals. At nightfall, the farmers would make a final check around the property to ensure their roosters were all tucked away safe and sound. Time after time they found that all of the roosters were in the coop except for one: Poodle Roo.


He would be all alone, nestled in the grass. They couldn’t seem to figure out why he kept escaping the safe-keeping of the shelter. One morning, they discovered the heartbreaking reason behind why he escaped.

At some point during the night, the other roosters teamed up on him and injured him quite greatly. They immediately rushed him inside and began administering care to the little wounded creature. Much to their great surprise, Poodle Roo made a remarkable recovery! In no time at all, he was back to his healthy, happy self. The only thing that hadn’t changed, though, was that he was still quite a loner.


After some careful observation, they picked up on why he kept to himself and why he likely was continually kicked out of the coop. Poodle Roo was slightly blind and completely deaf. They kept him in the barn close to the farmers’ side. In the barn, many animals would come to receive treatment from injuries.

They noticed that Poodle Roo instantly would befriend every injured animal that came in, for he knew what it was like to be hurt and lonely. Despite his disabilities, Poodle Roo now lives a wonderful, happy life helping others just like him. Check out the video below to watch his beautiful story!

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