Father Forbids Young Daughter From Keeping Her Child. Nearly 50 Years Later, She Finally Gets To See Her Son For The First Time Since His Birth

August 23, 2017

Adoption reunion stories are some of the most powerful and heart-stirring stories around. There’s something so incredible about witnessing a mother and child reunite for the first time since separation. This story is one that will surely tug at your heartstrings! Moments after birth, Kirk Kellerhals was taken away never to see his mother again.

Thuy-Nga Thi Nibblett was a 17-year-old living in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. She became pregnant by an American serviceman and her father was absolutely appalled. He refused to let her keep the child and forced her to give the baby up for adoption the moment it was born.

It was heartbreaking for Thuy-Nga but she knew her father would allow no other choice. Over the years, she thought about her child and never stopped praying for him. Many years passed and she wondered if she would ever have the opportunity to see his face.

She made the decision to put her information on a family DNA website in the slight hope that she could find her long lost son. Little did she know, he was doing the exact same thing. Months later, the moment came in which they both had been waiting for. It was 48 years after separation that they finally got to meet face to face.

The reunion was everything they could have imagined and more. “Thank you so much, God! Thank you, Jesus! I know you knew where my son is,” she said emotionally. Watch the video below to see the tear-jerking moment they saw each other for the very first time.

[Information via CBN News.]

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