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Father of 2 Wrongly Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer - Moments Before Treatment Begins, He Discovers Shocking Truth About His Body

August 23, 2018

One of the most frightening words this day and age is “cancer.” It has become far too commonly heard among families and always is surrounded by tragic circumstances. While some finish victorious over the life-threatening battle, they still are haunted by the exhaustive and draining procedures and treatments.

One Kansas man was hit with unexplainable tragedy when he went for a doctor appointment and was hit with the harsh reality of a cancer diagnosis of the lungs and liver.

52-year-old Pasquale Michael Fatino went to his doctor after experiencing multiple flu-like symptoms. He never in a million years could have predicted he’d be leaving with news of something much more drastic than the flu.

He checked with three different doctors who all gave him the same response.

He begrudgingly told his wife the horrific diagnosis and they worked through ways to break the news to their 12-year-old and 13-year-old children. When Fatino told his daughter, she immediately collapsed on the floor, overcome with sadness.


He soon began planning his own funeral and getting his life insurance policies in order in preparation for the inevitable. Something inside him knew that he should get one final opinion before finalizing things for good.

He met with a specialist to review his biopsy results when he was told something that shook him to the core: it was a complete misdiagnosis!


Fatino replayed the voicemail from his doctor: “Man, I’m looking at this report from KU and I’m just so relieved. I apologize that we probably scared the heck out of you. I just feared that’s what it was.”

As it turned out, he simply had a treatable inflammatory disease.

This, undoubtedly, filled him with immense relief and a bit of anger. To know that he and his family had to undergo such unnecessary trauma and grief over something that never was a concern in the first place.

Following this, he immediately filed a lawsuit against the doctors for the suffering his family was caused throughout the entire ordeal.

It does make you wonder just how many times this has happened to people!