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FDA Approves New Generic Version Of Life-Saving EpiPen, Hailed As Life-Saving News For People With Severe Allergies

August 17, 2018

In what is being hailed as life-saving news for people with severe allergies, the Food and Drug Administration has finally approved the release of a new generic version of the highly-effective antidote drug EpiPen. EpiPen has been in the news recently because of an unprecedented price hike that is keeping many users from purchasing the medication.

According to People, "Mylan’s EpiPens have long dominated the market, but have been the target of criticism over the last few years. Since the company took over manufacturing EpiPens in 2007, the price has increased by more than 400 percent from just $57 to over $500 in 2016."

People is also reporting, "The generic version, which comes from Israeli company Teva Pharmaceuticals, is also an auto-injector that delivers a dose of epinephrine to treat an allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis.

"Anaphylaxis can occur in response to almost any foreign substance. Common triggers include venom from insect bites or stings, foods, and medication. Foods are the most common trigger in children and young adults while medications and insect bites and stings are more common in older adults.

"Less common causes include physical factors, biological agents such as semen, latex, hormonal changes, food additives such as monosodium glutamate and food colors, and topical medications."

"Today’s approval of the first generic version of the most-widely prescribed epinephrine auto-injector in the U.S. is part of our longstanding commitment to advance access to lower cost, safe and effective generic alternatives once patents and other exclusivities no longer prevent approval,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., said in a statement.

“This approval means patients living with severe allergies who require constant access to life-saving epinephrine should have a lower-cost option, as well as another approved product to help protect against potential drug shortages.”

If yo or someone you love suffers from severe allergies, then this is certainly good news for you...and your wallet!