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'Fergie' Shows No Mercy To Royals Ahead Of Eugenie’s Wedding - Puts Them In Their Place With 4 Savage Words

October 11, 2018

Over the years, the story of an acrimonious feud simmering within the Royal Family for over 20 years has risen its ugly head from time-to-time. Now, with a family wedding on the horizon, the issue has come back with a vengeance. And mother-of-the-bride Sarah Ferguson refuses to let the rift cast a shadow over her daughters' wedding, and has some harsh words for those who insist on keeping the grudge alive.

On October 12th, Princess Eugenie, 28, will wed fiancé Jack Brooksbank in a very royal ‘to-do’ in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Her parents Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are pulling out all the stops to ensure that the event goes without a hitch.

As the big day draws nearer, the mother-of-the-bride takes aim at one potential obstacle, and is pulling no punches is revealing her feelings on the long-standing situation.

Sarah knows that two of the most important people in her daughter’s life are her grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and she would be absolutely crushed if either of them was unable to attend. Although both are well into their nineties, they seem to enjoy relatively good health.

Therefore, there should be no reason that they wouldn’t attend. Except for one…

…that FEUD! You’ve heard about it. The one where Prince Philip is said to have a bitter dislike for the Duchess and refuses to ever forgive her for what she did to his son.

“Prince Andrew’s ex-wife was blacklisted by many members of the firm back in 1992 when pictures emerged” of her in a compromising position with another man. Subsequently, she and Prince Andrew divorced, resulting in her earning the everlasting wrath of her father-in-law.

“It consequently paved the way for Sarah’s exit from the Royals in 1992 and her relationship with her in-laws, particularly the Duke of Edinburgh, was left in tatters.

Eugenie’s grandfather Prince Philip has never forgiven the Duchess of York for the series of scandals that she has put the family through since her 1992 affair with a Texan billionaire.

“Prince Philip is thought to be so upset at the…scandal and the subsequent embarrassment to the Royal Family he will struggle to be in the same room as [Sarah] at Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding to Jack Brooksbank.”

Sarah has heard this threat for years and has grown weary of it continuously being thrown in her face. After all, it’s been over twenty years and she thinks enough is enough. In fact, she seems to have rebuilt her relationship with the Queen, as evidenced by this very friendly photograph from this year's Royal Ascot:

Not one to mince words, the Duchess of York expressed her feelings in no uncertain terms.

Sources close to the Duchess warn Royal Family members they will just have to 'get on with it' as Sarah makes a return to the spotlight.”

She’s done with their nonsense and has one goal in mind: to remove any and all impediments to Eugenie having the best day of her life - with no family drama from anyone. Let’s hope that all take her very wise advice and just “get on with it…”

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