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Sarah Ferguson Fires Back With Savage Response After Media Outlet ‘Bullies’ Youngest Daughter Just Weeks Before Wedding

July 25, 2018

As the wedding between Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank gets nearer, a lot of the world’s attention is beginning to focus on the arrangements that are in progress for the October 12th event. While much of the coverage is kind and positive, there is also some that is not so gracious.

When mother-of-the-bride Sarah Ferguson caught wind of one article she went into full ‘mama bear’ mode to defend her little girl's honor. And now social media is standing up and taking notice. The story in question is an article published by the Daily Mail in which staff writer Jan Moir takes the young bride-to-be to task for the amount of money allegedly being spent on the royal affair.

Incensed that someone who's never even met her daughter would speak so harshly in a public forum, the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson was not going to take the cruel accusations lobbed against her daughter lying down.

The author began the article by listing all of the ‘excesses’ that the Princess’ wedding will entail - including inviting 1,200 members of the public to the nuptials (à la Harry and Meghan) - he goes a step further by getting personal. “Very magnanimous of her, I’m sure. However, it does beg the question — who the hell does Princess Eugenie think she is?”

“Let us be frank. For her first 28 years on this planet, Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York has done almost nothing of note.”

After offering some back-handed compliments to the Princess: “A little light charity work here. A vague position in the art world there. Anybody need their coloured pencils sharpened? She’s your girl.

“She has a 2.1 degree from Newcastle University, she has a good job at an art gallery and she has never — unlike her mother — caused the Royals any embarrassment.” - he manages to keep the article predominately antagonistic in tone.”

All his efforts seem to be aimed at demeaning Prince Andrew’s lovely daughters in a way that borders on bullying, “Like her sister Princess Beatrice, she is swift to make a glamorous appearance at any fancy party and no one could quibble about her rigorous attendance at royal events, sometimes wearing a silly hat to cheer us all up.”

Moir goes on to twist the knife.

“But won’t an awful lot of people, even while once more being dazzled by the pomp and pageantry in Windsor town, be asking themselves this once more — Eugenie who?”

Wow!! He didn’t hold back, did he? Now that he’s had his say, he shouldn’t be surprised that there has been blowback from those who know and love the Princess and her fiancé. Next, Sarah Ferguson took her to speak her mind.

Speaking through a spokesperson for an organization for which the Duchess is a patron, Fergie made it abundantly clear that Moir crossed the line in the ‘vitriolic’ essay.


After a rather polite introduction, she gets right to the point. "the rhetoric is inflammatory and divisive, suggesting that the Princess has a 'hunger for glitz and glamour that is every bit as monstrous as mother Fergie's'"

“I would like to raise into question whether Jan Moir has ever met or spent time with Princess Eugenie or whether the source of the malicious contempt for a 28-year-old woman is the result of years of unfounded and hurtful abuse that has been directed towards the Princess and her family by the Daily Mail.”


The spokesperson finished the Duchess’ response by adding:

“It is imperative that we support freedom of expression, but not when the intended outcome is to inflict pain on another person or incite others to do so, and Jan Moir’s article does just that.”

I think the Duchess, through Ms. Wade, put into words what we have all thought...and we're delighted that she did!

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