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Fierce Jaguar Needs Comfort In New Home. When People See Who His New Best Friend Is, Their Jaws Drop

October 10, 2017

We all know that big cats such as Tigers, Lions, and Jaguars tend to be quite fearsome. Even the most dangerous of creatures, however, needs a best friend to help it through tough times. Such is the case with a Jaguar named "Jag." A team from Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa rescues Jag and takes him to their facility, where Jag immediately adopts Layla, the owner of the facility, as his mom. Layla knows that the Jaguar needs an animal companion, as well, so she sees to it that Jag meets his new bestie, Bullet.

Layla decides to introduce Jag to a rather unusual friend - unusual as far as Jaguars are concerned, that is. Jag soon meets Bullet, a small Jack Russell Terrier. Bullet is, obviously, much smaller than his Jaguar counterpart, but that doesn't seem to scare him one bit. The tiny dog seems all-too-eager to get to know Jag, and the ferocious Big Cat simply loves his new playmate.

At one point, the workers at the shelter try to separate the two friends, only to quickly learn that this is quite impossible! Jag cries all night and Bullet does not move from his place by the front door of his enclosure until Layla lets him out to return to his bestie. It is clear that Bullet and Jag are friends for life, and nothing and no one will keep them apart. Watch the video, below, to see the adorable animal friendship for yourself!

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