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First Time Parents Bring New Baby Home. Their Huge Boxer Reacts to This in an Unusual Way

September 30, 2016

Dogs truly are man's best friend.

They'll stick by your side through thick and thin, through the high points in life and your low points. They're just like any other member of the family...just with two extra legs!

Sometimes when you bring about a big life change to the home, dogs can be apprehensive. When they're used to routine and then their daily lives get turned upside down by new residents in the home, it can make any owner a little leery.

We only want the best for our fur babies and want them to be able to comfortably adjust to any changes with a great deal of ease.

When you bring a teeny, tiny newborn baby in the house, that's a game changer for any family...especially for the dog!

That's exactly the situation that this family was dealing with. Their one and only babe, Bella the Boxer, was now getting a human sibling and they could only wonder how this change would effect her.

Would she be scared? Extremely apprehensive? Standoffish? Jealous?

Watch the video below to see just how Bella responded.

It's safe to say that these two are going to be best buds for YEARS to come!