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Fisherman Comes Across Iguana At Death’s Door, 4 Miles From The Shore

February 08, 2018

When a fisherman from Key West Kayak Fishing set out on a fishing trip to the reef, he was expecting to return to shore with nothing more than a few fish! As his fishing trip wrapped up and he began to head back to shore, he paused as he spotted something floating in the distance.

The small object had what appeared to be a row of fins or spines running down its back; he brushed it off, assuming it was nothing more than a palm frond, a common occurrence. When it started to swim, however, he realized that it was surely not just a palm frond!

As it grew closer, he realized it was an Iguana! It had likely been swept out into the ocean by the strong King Tides, trapping him in the water. If it hadn’t been for the fisherman’s presence, the Iguana would likely have drowned.

The Iguana decided to risk it all and approach the boat, hoping for salvation. He tried to scramble up onto the boat but was unable to reach the top of the boat to haul himself in. The fisherman reached out with his oar, providing a stepping stone for the Iguana to use to climb to safety.

Over the four-mile trek back to the shore, the Iguana made himself at home on the small vessel. He watched the water race below the boat, and the fisherman watched him with a smile on his face.

As they approached the shore and mangroves came up next to them, the two parted ways. Without hesitation, the Iguana dived off the boat and swam away, leaving the fisherman with nothing more than a funny video and a magnificent memory.