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Fisherman Comes Across Orphaned Raccoons, Only To Become Their Foster Dad And Best Friend

February 14, 2018

In Wooster, Ohio, a fisherman was enjoying his time at a local creek when three baby raccoons came swimming right up to him. The raccoons immediately took to him, climbing all over him, and following him as he walked along.

Although raccoons are nocturnal, juveniles are often seen out and about during the day, so at first, nothing seemed too far out of the ordinary. As time passed by, it became quite clear that they had been orphaned, and were in need of some help.

Another fisherman stumbled across the adorable scene, and couldn’t believe his eyes. He grabbed an extra fish he had found and fed it to the young raccoons, who scarfed it down quickly.

The raccoons began to scramble all over his pack, inspecting everything he had, with their curious little hands and eyes. The longer they went without their mother even appearing nearby, the surer the fishermen were that they had been orphaned.

Luckily, although they were small they were told by animal experts the young raccoons would likely be able to survive on their own. The experts also explained that the orphans had likely approached him because, with his beard, he appeared to be just as fuzzy as they were, and they likely believed him to be nothing more than a very large and unusual raccoon.

Following the directions of the experts, they built the orphans their very own little house to keep them safe and out of the elements. Thanks to the care of this one fisherman, these little raccoons now have the chance to survive and live a long and happy life.