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Fisherman Experience This Horror On A Daily Basis. Seeing The Terror Come At You Will Make Your Stomach Drop

March 15, 2018

When we think of fishing, we tend to think of a cool summer day, clear blue skies, the sound of a softly flowing stream. But as it turns out, fishing is actually one of the most terrifying activities!

This footage was captured from a camera while a fishing boat was out at sea during Storm Gertrude. The ship was 100 miles northeast of the coast of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. The terrifying footage taken from the bridge of the ship sends shivers up your spine and will make your stomach drop!

As the waves during Storm Gertrude crash into each other, some well over 100 feet, the fishing boat rides the waves. The water crashes into the ship and pours onto the surface of the boat. Seeing the terror is bad enough, but the camera also managed to pick up the sound of the storm too!

The waves were so powerful that you can hear the boat creek in response. The men on the boat can only pray for a miracle and hope that the boat doesn’t topple over as the ship sways and swerves in the waves.

The footage that resembles that of a thrilling roller coaster was captured by Chief Officer Graeme Hatley aboard the ERRV (Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel), a 150 foot long, 1100 tonne ship. The massive ship was tiny in comparison to the vast sea, and with each wave crashing up against it, the chief recognized just how much at the mercy of the sea they were.

The chief said that the most who see the footage think it’s fake! But the chief assures us that there is nothing fake about the sea. The storms are real! This particular storm, Storm Gertrude was “Quick to blow and quick to blow,” meaning that the storm. happened quickly and intensely and then died out.

The job of a fisherman is not for the faint of heart or the faint of nausea. Would you be able to handle this? I know there is no way I could ever travel on a ship like this! Could you?


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