Fisherman Sees Adorable Baby Raccoons On Shore, When They See His Beard Their Unexpected Reaction Had Everyone Laughing

August 11, 2017

If you grew up in a town like I did, chances are you had to come up with some creative ways to keep yourself entertained. One sure fire way to have a good time was to go on a hike and do some fishing. The best part about going fishing was even if you didn't catch anything, you were bound to see some other wildlife while you waited. That's exactly what happened to the man in this story when he spotted some baby raccoons that seemed to take a special interest in him.

After a day of fishing, a certain man was standing on the edge of the water, taking in the beauty around him. When the man looked down, however, he saw something that was entirely too cute for words. Three baby raccoons had swam up to him and latched onto his boots. When the man bent down to get a better look, the raccoons seemed particularly interested in his face. The man had a bushy beard and his friend informed him that his beard made him look like a raccoon to the babies. The man simply laughed and let the raccoons climb all over him.

The raccoons' mother was nowhere to be seen, so the man and his friend fed the babies a fish and built them a shelter to sleep in. If the mother was around, she would come back to find her babies safe and sound. If the mother was gone for good, the babies would have a good shelter to sleep in and bring food back to. The man and his friend snuck away before the little raccoons could latch onto them again but they left with big smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment in their hearts. Watch the video below to see the adorable animal encounter.

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