Fishermen Notice Two Pleading Animals Swimming Toward Boat. When The Creatures Finally Approach, The Fishermen Are Shocked At Their Discovery. You Won't Believe What They See

August 29, 2017

Jason and Brandon are enjoying a nice day, cat fishing, on the Warrior river in Alabama when all of a sudden they notice a small animal swimming their way.  Being several hundred feet from shore, they become curious as to what this tiny animal could possibly be.  Assuming it to be a muskrat or beaver, they are amazed to discover that it is neither.


As the tiny animal swims closer and closer, the fishermen are astonished to discover that it’s a small kitten meowing and pleading for help.  The kitten is on a mission to hop on board and, thankfully, that’s what destiny has in store for this sweet kitty. Quickly scooping up the kitten, Jason brings their new furry guest on board.  To everyone’s amazement, the rescue does not end there.  Minutes later, they hear another meow and very soon they realize another kitten is heading their way.  They quickly bring the sibling to safety and, thankfully, both kitties are safe and sound.    


With no signs of civilization, we can assume that these sweet kittens are lost with no place to call home.  They are on a mission to be saved and, thankfully, they take that huge step of faith, swim with their hearts on their sleeves, and approach the humans they see in the distance.  Their will to survive is great and their second chance in life is one that both kittens are willing to fight for.  Enjoy this rescue; their courage to survive will amaze you!

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