Five Puppies Were Abandoned And Left As Orphans But Rescuers Went Above And Beyond To Find Them Happy Homes [VIDEO]

June 15, 2017

Puppies are undoubtedly some of the cutest creations on the planet. They win you over with their big eyes and their sweet cuddles and their puppy breath (Who doesn’t just love puppy breath?!). If I could, I would give every puppy in the world a home- especially the ones that are left orphaned.

After a stray mama dog gave birth to five puppies, she wandered off to find food for herself. She had been feeding her babies but now she needed some nourishment of her own. She left her babies and went to find food, but sadly, she never returned.

The puppies were living outside the residence of a young woman. She heard the puppies barking and crying during a cold night when she ran outside to find 5 little puppies left alone. Together, they were buried between the fence and the bushes, huddled together for warmth. She called the Hope For Paws rescue team and within minutes, they were able to arrive at the location to rescue the five trapped pups.

After the rescuers arrived on the scene, they built a fenced area around the thick ivy that the puppies were huddled in. They lure were able to lure out 2 with some McDonald's burgers (Of course the pups couldn’t resist burgers). The puppies were overwhelmed when they finally out of the bushes.

The other three still trapped and quite frightened. Rescuers were having a difficult time as the puppies fearfully backed further into the thick ivy bushes.


After several attempts, the rescuers finally brought all three puppies out of their hiding place. The pups were brought back to the shelter where they were given baths, medical treatment, food, loads of love, and of course, names. They puppies were named: Luna Sky, Baby Sunset, Sunny Boy, River, and last but not least, Lightning. Like any good pup, these little guys love playing! 

Each pup was quickly adopted into loving families. Now, they are loved, cared for, and played with often. Thank you, rescuers, for going above and beyond and bring these five puppies to safety! You are the real heroes!! Watch the video below to see this beautiful and SHARE this post on your FACEBOOK page if you're loving this rescue story!

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