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Security Footage In A Subway Terrifies Millions As ‘Ghost Train’ Drives Through Tunnel. The Playback Is Eerie Beyond Belief

March 23, 2018

It’s an age-old debate: are ghosts real? Some people think there are spirits living amongst us and some wouldn’t believe them in a million years. But regardless of your opinion on ghosts, seeing this footage will definitely influence you to wonder a little more.

At a subway station in Russia, the security footage captured something terrifying.

At first, the footage captured by the camera in the upper left corner of the subway stations appeared completely normal. After a couple minutes later, however, something shocking began to manifest on the screen.

Out from the top of the screen, a white ghostly object creeps into the frame. At first, it looks like it could be smoke. But then as it moves further down the screen, it takes the shape of the shape of a train.

This “ghost train” as millions are calling it, is not in anyway a real train, but it’s resemblance to one is incredibly terrifying.

The ghost train merely pulls up as if it’s about to pick up passengers. Some claim that they’ve seen movement from the platform to the train… do you? They think they there is someone getting on the train?

After just a quick stop at the platform, the train moves onto its next route. Never to be seen again in person or on camera.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is a real ghost train or do you think it’s real? We are shocked by this footage; it’s just too convincing so we are completely stumped!


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