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Footage of Baby Freaking Out After His Nap Is Sending A Message To Parents Everywhere

January 06, 2018

On a day just like any other, Baby Jack went down for a nap. Jack was known for playing hard, so when he finally went to sleep he was out for the count. Which meant…waking up was sure to be a battle.

It’s not uncommon though; waking up can be hard, even for adults! For as long as I can remember, waking up has been difficult for me. I always dread getting out of my warm bed and putting my feet on the cold ground, so I totally get it. If there was something that could help my wake up process, I would thrilled!

That’s exactly what Jack’s mom and dad were thinking when Jack went to sleep after a long day of playing. They knew that he had played so hard that his nap was sure to be strong. As his nap time came to an end, they began to dread his wake up because they knew he would be so unhappy.

But that’s when Jack’s mom got the great idea to wake Jack up with something that made him happy: the family cat, Lady! Jack adored Lady, so his parents thought this trick might actually work. Rather than Jack being upset for waking up, he would happy because of Lady.

They could see Jack starting to move a little bit on his baby monitor, so they got Lady ready for her big job. Jack woke up and sure enough, he was not happy. Although he wasn’t crying, he was totally out of it. That is until Lady showed up.

Jack’s mom brought Lady into the room and as soon as Jack saw Lady, he instantly lit up! Jack’s parents couldn’t believe that the plan worked! Jack was totally obsessed with Lady! So much so that it appeared as though he had totally forgotten that he had just woken up!

Jack was the sweetest baby! He giggled and giggled at Lady and was so in love! His parents watched in amazement as Jack woke up with joy rather than the usual anger. They decided right then and there that they would never wake him up any other way!

Take a page out of Jack’s book and start waking up to things you love! Check out the video to see the cuteness overflow! For me, I think I’ll be moving my coffee maker into my bedroom so I can wake up to coffee! That might make mornings a little easier! What do you think?

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