Foster Mom Fights To Adopt Little Boy. Little Did She Know That, 27 Years Later, He Would Return The Favor In The Most Unimaginable Way

September 05, 2017

Love is, undeniably, one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It can help overcome even the most troublesome seasons and can endure throughout eternity. When you have love in your heart for another, you’ll do anything in the world for them, even if it causes you pain in the process. The McIntosh family has a love like this and it’s drawn the attention of millions on the internet. Ingeborg McIntosh lived in Phoenix, Arizona. There, she raised her family and many additional children along the way. She was an avid supporter of foster care and housed more than 120 children, at one time or another, throughout the course of her younger years.

One child, in particular, immediately struck a chord in her heart and she knew he was destined to be hers. His name was Jordan and, from the moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was family. Jordan’s birth mother didn’t want him to be adopted into a Caucasian family and insisted he go to either an African-American or a biracial family. Ingeborg didn’t let that stop her. She fought long and hard for four years and, finally, he was officially hers, forever. Years passed and their relationship continued to grow stronger. Jordan loved his mother dearly and couldn’t imagine life without her.

One day, Ingeborg received news that no one wants to hear: she had developed Polycystic Kidney Disease and was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. The family was at a loss because she didn’t know if she would be able to find a match. Unbeknownst to her, Jordan was working behind-the-scenes, doing research of his own. After some testing, he discovered that he was a perfect match and told his mother of his plans to be her donor. She didn’t want him to endure pain on her behalf, but there was no talking him out of it. He knew that, no matter what, he would take care of the woman who fought so hard to take care of him. Check out the heartwarming story below!

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