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Four-Year-Old Makes Incredible Tool to Help Children With Disabilities Just Like Him

December 13, 2016

Meet the incredible four-year-old who could be the world's youngest 3D hand printer – making prosthetics for kids with limb differences just like him!

Cameron Haight from Charlotte in North Carolina, was born with amniotic band syndrome, a condition where his digits were fused and twisted together in the womb.

Six months ago, when Cameron received his first 3D printed hand with the hope of riding a bike for the first time, his mother Sarah, noticed an immediate change in her son.

Instead of being embarrassed and hiding his deformed hand beneath his clothing, he was showing off his new ‘cool robot hand’ to others.

Overwhelmed by the change it made to her son’s life, she wanted to empower other kids by making 3D hands and now Cameron is obsessed too.

Despite being only four-years-old, he’s already created nine 3D hands, printing and assembling each intricate part and could be the world’s youngest person to do it.