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MOB COMEBACK! 30 Years Without Murder Ends After Gambino Head Is Shot Dead 6 Times Outside His Family Home

March 14, 2019

There’s only one word for this: Wow.

On March 13th, 2019, the Gambino crime family boss Francesco 'Franky Boy' Cali, 53, was shot dead outside of his Todt Hill neighborhood home in Staten Island. His murder is the first mafia murder since 1985 when John Got arranged to kill the then-Gambino head, Paul Castellano.

Franky Boy was shot six times before being run over with a pick up outside of his family home. The police reported that he was having dinner with his wife and young children when he stepped outside. After they heard the shots fired, a boy ran outside and yelled, “Papa! Papa!”

According to the Daily Mail, police responded to a 911 from Franky Boy’s wife. She frantically called around 9:15 pm and hysterically screamed “Why doesn’t the ambulance come? He’s not breathing!” He was pronounced dead at a hospital soon after.

While police aren’t looking for any major suspects, they have reason to believe this was a hired assassination by the Gotti Mafia as Gotti devised a plan to kill the former Gambino- head, John Castellano, in 1985. The police are searching for a blue pickup truck that they believe ran Franky Boy over.

One of Franky Boy’s neighbors told the New York Post that he heard a burst of about gunshots. He shared, “I just heard the Pow-pow-pow-pow-pow!” He added, “You never know who your neighbors are.”

According to Daily Mail, Francesco 'Franky Boy' Cali was Sicily native who married John Gambino's niece. He served on the family's ruling panel for several years before being promoted to acting boss in 2015. According to The New York Post, Franky Boy was real “quiet old-school boss.” Franky Boy was considered very similar to of his former boss, John Gotti, because “no one ever saw him.”

We pray for his family and the loved ones he leaves behind. We hope this doesn’t create more crime come from this.

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