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Majestic Frederik The Great Has Been Deemed The Most Handsome Horse In The World. When People See Him They Are Instantly Captured By His Pure Beauty

August 16, 2017

There are some things in this world that take our breath away. For some, it's a beautiful sunset or the waters of the ocean sparkling in the sun. For others, it is a beautiful moment shared between friends or a surprise gift you never imagined receiving. For many, it is the unique and lovely creatures of the world. 

Frederik the Great is one of those breathtakingly beautiful creatures we are privileged to share our world with. Frederik is a Friesian stallion from the Netherlands. The Friesian breed has been close to extinction 3 times in the past but is now rising in numbers thanks to people recognizing their beauty. Friesians are known for physical features such as their coal black coats, a strong muscular build, a long flowing and often wavy mane and tail, and the feather or long silk-like hair on their lower legs. 

When it comes to personality Frederik the Great was well-endowed. He is a show horse through and through. He knows that he is gorgeous and revels in all of the attention that his beauty brings him. In May 2016, he was unofficially proclaimed "The World's Most Beautiful Horse" and was made famous by the internet and a couple of late-night tv gigs. 

Since he was six years old Frederik has lived at Pinnacle Friesians in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. His owner Stacy Nazario fell in love with the Friesian breed and searched for the perfect one for her for over a year. Frederik proved to be the pinnacle that she was looking for. He is gentle as he is beautiful and you can see the love he and Stacy have for one another. 

One look at this stunning stallion and you can easily see why millions of people agree that he deserves the title World's Most Handsome Horse. From his gorgeous flowing black wavy mane to his muscular build Frederik the Great is absolutely breathtaking! Watch him in the video below and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

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