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Frightened, Freezing, And Trapped In Fast-Moving River, Pup Barely Escapes Watery Grave, Thanks To Heroic Efforts Of One Man

February 01, 2018

Sometimes animals get themselves into the worst possible situations. Take this pup, for example. Somehow he found himself trapped in an icy river in Romania, unable to climb the slippery wall to escape.

If it hadn’t been for the bravery of one man, he likely would have met his maker that day. Instead, our hero took matters into his own hands and answered the pup’s pitiful pleas for help.

Removing his shoes and looking for the best way to reach the dog, the man makes his way to the edge of the river bank.

Once he decides on his plan of attack, our hero braces himself for the next step of his mission. One last scan of the scene and he is ready to make his move.

Plunging into the icy water, the man quickly makes his way to where the dog is cornered. Wasting no time, he clutches the canine by the scruff of his neck and carries him across the current to the other river bank.

There, another man (presumably the owner) is waiting for the hand-off the drenched doggy. The second man quickly transports the shivering canine away from any danger of falling back in.

As soon as they are clear of the water's edge, the second hero guides the traumatized animal up the pathway that leads to dry land.

Once he is on terra firma, the pup is overcome with joy at having been rescued from almost certain death.

It’s absolutely adorable to see the relief and happiness that floods through the animal as he tries to express his gratitude for his hero’s kindness.

To see the entire rescue mission, click on the video, below. You’ll find yourself smiling at this feel-good depiction of a selfless and compassionate act.

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