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From Fearful To Fearless. Penni, The Adventurous Pit Bull, Shows The World That Painful Beginnings Can't Take Away Her Happy Ending

October 13, 2017

We can all agree that every single dog and rescue animal deserves a forever home. For dogs like Penni, however, a forever home seemed like a very distant hope. It’s lucky for Penni that some people in the world would stop at nothing to make sure she'd have the best life possible.

Penni's life started under in the most difficult of circumstances. For many years, she was kept locked in a dark basement. Penni was then abandoned by her owner, on the streets of the Bronx. Penni thought she had no hope left, until two police officers found her. The officers took her to a pound nearby, where Penni was checked for injuries and taken care of.

Penni, however, stayed at the pound for quite some time, and it didn't look as though anyone would adopt her. Most people view Pit Bulls as aggressive dogs, so Penni was at a disadvantage, through no fault of her own. Penni was the next dog in the pound scheduled to be put down but, just when all hope seemed lost, a group of people saw just how much love Penni had inside of her!

A rescue group heard about Penni and immediately came to the pound to rescue her. These people weren't about to let Penni's life be cut short, and they were eager to show the pup how amazing and enjoyable the world could be. After taking her to her new home, the rescuers gave Penni all the food and water that she wanted. Then, it was time for sleep because she had a big day ahead of her in the morning. Her new life was about to begin!

When she awoke from the first peaceful sleep in a very long time, Penni was greeted with loving smiles and affection from her new family. Penni's rescuers took her outside and gave her free-reign to run around and play as much as she wanted. Penni, for the first time in her life, ran through trees and leaves without a care in the world. Penni's adventures, however, were only just beginning.

Penni's new mom and dad are thrill seekers who love to rock climb and seek out hidden wonders, so, naturally, Penni took on the family tradition and was soon climbing the highest mountains with her family. Penni loves swimming and exploring new terrain. Obviously, this is one pup who isn't afraid of heights or much else for that matter!

Today, Penni's life is a testimony to just how much the power of love can change the most challenging of circumstances. Penni's adventurous spirit and adorable smile help to break the negative perception of Pit Bulls and other dog breeds that people see as aggressive. You can keep up with all of Penni's adventures and her ongoing-happiness, on Instagram. Watch the video, below, to see, for yourself, Penni's transformation and her new life.

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