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Funny Man John Goodman Breaks His Silence After Roseanne’s Firing- His Words Are Truly Shocking

August 27, 2018

On May 22nd, television history was made: Roseanne Barr’s 34-year long career ended.

And just weeks after the show was brought back into production more than 21 years later. The Washington Post reviewed Roseanne's premiere was the highest rated sitcom episode in years! With more than 18.4 million viewers during the premiere, and then another 25 million the following day, the future was looking promising for the series’ comeback.

Sadly, only weeks after it’s reintroduction things took a turn. When the star of the show, Roseanne Barr, publicly shared defacing and racist comments towards Valerie Jarret, Roseanne faced a massive public backlash. Only minutes after publishing her thoughts, Roseanne was fired by ABC.

Roseanne’s firing came just hours after a series of tweets that were entirely offensive and out of line. ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey; her boss Ben Sherwood, the president of the Disney/ABC Television Group; and his boss Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney spoke with Roseanne and let her know that she was no longer welcome to have a show.

After months of silence, on-screen husband and off-screen friend, John Goodman, finally revealed his reaction to the quick turn of events leading up to Roseanne’s firing.

John’s initial response was simple. He said, "I was surprised. I’ll put it this way, I was surprised at the response… and that’s probably all I should say about it.” But now, he’s added more.

John told The Sunday Times: “I was brokenhearted, but I thought, ‘OK, it’s just show business, I’m going to let it go. But I went through a period, about a month, where I was very depressed. I’m a depressive anyway, so any excuse that I can get to lower myself, I will. But that had a great deal to do with it, more than I wanted to admit.”

John then turned the attention from himself back to Roseanne where he came to her rescue. He shared: “I know, I know, for a fact that she’s not a racist… She had to sign a paper saying that she relinquished all her rights to the show so that we could go on," he added. “I sent her an email and thanked her for that. I did not hear anything back, but she was going through hell at the time. And she’s still going through hell.”


Surely, John is right- this last season can’t be easy for Roseanne. What do you think about John’s response? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook!

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