Garbage Man Caught On Hidden Camera, What He Does Left Millions Of People Smiling Ear To Ear

August 03, 2017

There are moments in life that help restore our faith in the goodness of people. Whether it is someone paying for another person's meal or simply a person taking time out of their day to give an encouraging word to someone else. Often times, the little things we do in life leave much more of an impact than we are aware of. That was definitely the case when it came to the local garbage man in this story. He took a little time out of his day, every week, to brighten the life of one particular member of a family on his route.

A man named Joshua looked out his window one morning and noticed a garbage truck parked in front of his house. This wasn't unusual, except for the fact that the truck had been there much longer than usual. Joshua made his way outside to see if there was something wrong, only to find an adorable sight waiting for him. The garbage man had gotten out of his truck to say hi to Joshua's dog in the front yard. The garbage man had, apparently, been doing this for some time because Josh's dog was ecstatic to see him.

Josh decided the world needed to see this adorable relationship. So, the next week, Josh set up a camera outside and sure enough, the garbage man pulled up and Josh's dog ran over to greet him. The man even had a treat for the dog. After petting the dog, the garbage man made his way over to say hello and shake Josh's hand. Since the video has been viewed over 6 million times, it is safe to say that the world agrees that a little act of kindness goes a long way! Watch the video below to see the adorable encounter.

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